Bridget Mary Oei in Red gown on Red carpet :)

Whoaaa… Red is my favorite color! I think all gowns should be made in Red color… ugh.. I know too much to ask! Anyway.. Here is Miss Connecticut, Bridget Mary Oei on Miss America 2019 Red Carpet.

What do I say about this Red gown? The top half is beaded and lower half is nice silky, shiny red. Miss Connecticut looks no less than a fairy in this red column gown. She certainly carried it gracefully!

I quickly checked my store if there was any red column gown? Honestly we don’t have a red gown with beaded bodice like Miss Connecticut had for the Miss America Red Carpet event.. but the store could find a handful from all over the web… and they are pretty reasonable too 🙂

Check them out here –


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Miss New York – Nia Franklin

Yo ppl… What do you think about this? Check out Miss New York Nia Franklin at Red Carpet event of Miss America 2019 earlier last month. Nia carried this strapless white gown with grace. That frilled sleeve looks perfect on Nia and makes the gown pop out.. !!

Nia looks very confident in this outfit … we wish her good luck for the competition!

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Beaded Bodice are back!

Beaded bodice are certainly back. After Miss Connecticut’s Red Gown, here is Miss Florida, Taylor Tyson in a glittery silver beaded bodice gown. The gown looked perfect on Miss Florida especially with that flattering thigh high slit. Afterall, why not!!

For those who didn’t know … err.. umm.. .including me 😉  this is a halter-neck gown. Now what is halter neck one may ask. In that case, a halter top is a type of sleeveless shirt with the straps being tied behind the neck. Just like a tank top.  In another style of the halter top, there is only a narrow strap behind the neck and a narrow strap behind the middle of the back, so that it is mostly backless. Pretty sexy huh?

After the 1970s,Halter tops were pretty much out of fashion. But what goes comes back.. right? So in mid 1990s,Halter tops were back in high fashion when popular singers like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey dressed in pretty halter necks. We will certainly post them for you.

Here are some halter necks from our store –

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Rami Salamoun Gowns

Here is what we stumbled upon on Pinterest while looking for evening gowns. Rami Salamoun!! Albeit it’s a bit older collection. A beat from recent past… not far though 2014!  The mermaid shape bottom makes it look sexy and appealing.

My personal favorite is the Blue Gown with an open back. I wish if I had this one in my collection 🙁

Rami Salamoun Spring-Summer 2014

Please visit to check out the entire catalog.

Halter Neck Jumpsuit… Really??

Huh… Really? A Halter Neck Jumpsuit? On Miss America 2019 Red Carpet Evening?? Do you know who wore this one? That’s Miss Minnesota… Michaelene Karlen.

But wait…. why not? She is looking captivating. I am sure she is keeping best for the rest of the competition. For now it’s a lacy Halter Neck Jumpsuit.. Not much to crave about.

Do we have it in our store?? Hell… Yeah!! –

By the way .. here is another. That’s Miss Nebraska Jessica Shultis in a Red sequined jumpsuit. Now that makes me a little curious about jumpsuit.. what the heck is a jumpsuit?? Here is the answer … A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. The original jump suit was the functional one-piece garment used by parachuters. Hence the name!! Miss Nebraska is certainly all smiles .. probably jumping with joy!

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For those curious minds who are wondering what is Sequin? See the picture.. you will know what I mean. In past this used to be made from metal.. but now a days, it’s mostly plastic!

Midi Dress – Boring or Glamorous??

Look who we spotted in Silver Sequined Midi Dress at Miss America 2019? It’s Miss Alabama, Callie Walker. Midi dresses are not really sexy… but when it has a deep cut neck, it certainly does it’s magic!!

Now here is an example of how to turn a boring Midi Dress into a glamorous fab!! Look at what Miss Florida, Taylor Tyson is wearing after being named in Top 15. Here is a strapless midi dress in black color. Add a thigh high slit to it… and you have what you need …. Countless Heads Turned!!

Holly Molly… Who is this pretty lady in Crimson gown?

Holly Molly Louisiana!! Can you tell who is that pretty lady in a beautiful glittery crimson color gown? You probably got it right…  That’s Miss Louisiana, Holli Conway 🙂

Isn’t she gorgeous?? Holly Conway graced Miss America 2019 Red Carpet event in this crimson gown. Now if USMagazine wouldn’t have called it crimson, I would have called it Red. So let’s do a quick fact check here…!! Crimson is a strong, red color, inclining to purple. It originally meant the color of the kermes dye produced from a scale insect, Kermes vermilio, but the name is now  sometimes also used as a generic term for slightly bluish-red colors that are between black and rose. Now that’s what Wikipedia says… I am still going to confuse that with Red afterall. 😀

Anyway… coming back to the gown. This is how you roll on Miss America Red Carpet. Keyhole Cutout on top just enough to lure everyone but not reveal a lot plus a thigh high slit to complete a sexy look. But we noticed there is something else that Holly wears that makes her look beautiful… yup… A perfect smile!!

Pic Credit: USMagazine